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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage treats the body's superficial (or soft) tissues. It is formulated to re-balance body, mind and emotions and has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect for the recipient. As well as providing the 'feel-good' factor, swedish massage has a range of health benefits and is used to treat ailments including:

  • poor joint flexibility & mobility
  • muscular conditions, pain, tension, spasm & stiffness
  • RSI
  • discomfort sustained from injury or illness
  • speeding up healing processes post injury/ illness
  • poor circulation
  • poor drainage of bodily wastes & toxins
  • swelling and fluid retention (oedema)
  • skin conditions (as well as improving tone & texture of the skin)
  • stress & anxiety / emotional inbalance
  • sleep difficulties & problems relaxing
  • digestive complaints including trapped wind, constipation & IBS
  • poor female reproductive system functioning
  • postural related pain
  • improved functioning of all the body's systems

Swedish Massage is also extremely beneficial when used as a pre or post exercise or sports treatment - it relaxes and prepares the muscles for use, reduces risk of injury during performance and aids in the removal of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes which can result in pain and stiffness. It further improves muscle tone, develops better posture and boosts the immune system generally. It is the ideal treatment for all those who wish to alleviate those everyday aches & pains and stresses & strains associated with daily living.

Depending upon how it is performed and the oils / waxes used, swedish massage can have either a primarily relaxing or more stimulatory effect. Your preferences around this will be discussed with you at your appointment.

Our swedish massage treatments are available within 2 options - pre-designed body massages (1/2 hr to 2 hrs duration - see prices page for more details) or more individually tailored appointments from 20 mins. Within the latter of these options, the following areas can be treated on an individual basis or, two or more, can be combined to create your own unique massage experience -

  • back, shoulders & neck - (1/2 hr minimum)*
  • back, lumber region (lower back) & hips - (1/2 hr minimum)*
  • full legs (without feet) - (1/2 hr minimum) / (with feet) - (45 mins minimum)
  • lower legs & feet - (1/2 hr minimum)
  • arms & hands - (1/2 hr minimum)
  • abdomen (problems of IBS, trapped wind, constipation etc.) - (20 mins minimum)
  • face and/or head - (20 mins minimum) individually or (1/2 hr minimum) for both combined

(*Combined treatments to back, shoulders & neck with lumber region and hips included will take a minimum 45 mins & not 1 hr).

Please note, the above timings specified are the minimum time recommened for each individual treatment although more time can be spent on any area/s as desired. Please contact us if you need more advice on treatment timings.

Prices for both our pre-designed Swedish Massage packages and individualised appointments can be found on our 'Prices' page.

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