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Below, is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. We hope this can be of assistance in answering any queries you might have but, if it does not, please feel free to contact us.

"I have never had a massage treatment before. What will happen at my first appointment?"

At your first appointment a free 15 minute (approx), health consultaion will be provided (in addition to your treatment time). During this consultation, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire which is necessary to ensure the treatment you have selected is a safe and suitable for you. Your therapist will then discuss with you, any health issues you have raised and after ensuring massage is a suitable treatment, will discuss your expectations from the treatment itself. Treatment aftercare advice will be provided to you, (although you are welcome to contact us at any time following your treatment to discuss any queries you might have). Once consultation has taken place, and you are happy to proceed, your treatment will be carried out.

Depending upon the treatment you have chosen, clothing may or may not be required to be removed (this will not involve removal of underwear) and you may wear shorts if preferred. Where clothing remains on, we suggest you wear loose fitting, comfortable attire. Where clothing requires to be removed, you will be draped in appropriate coverings at all times with only the area being treated being uncovered at the given time. (Ladies are advised to wear back fastening bra's for ease of unclipping if we are treating the back area).

Following your treatment, we will check how you feel / how you feel the treatment went. Some people like to remain still for a short period after their treatment, whereas others like to get up straight away and are full of energy. We are happy to proceed alongside how you are feeling at this stage. We will also advise you of any individual aftercare advice that may be of benefit i.e. relating to your specific problem/condition as applicable.

Following your appointment, any further appointments can be made and we will supply you with your Wow! Massage Therapy Loyalty Card (see loyalty scheme information).

As noted, you may contact us at any time following your treatment to discuss any matter.

"Is swedish massage painful?"

Ordinarily, no. Swedish massage is performed on the superficial (or soft) tissues of the body which primarily results in a relaxing & rejuvenating experience for most people. Some individuals may report experiencing slight achiness both during and for a short period following swedish massage i.e. as muscular tension and stiff areas loosen; however, this form of massage should never be performed to an extent where this is painful for the recipient.

It should also be noted that every individual has a different sensitivity to pain and pressure levels and in ensuring your massage is not an unpleasant experience, we will regularly check that the pressure levels we use throughout your treatment are comfortable for you.

"Is deep tissue massage painful?"

Some clients do experience discomfort during deep tissue massage, especially in the early stages of a treatment plan. Most clients however describe this in the context of 'good pain' as relief from symptoms takes place.This is due to the therapist employing specific techniques to work below the superficial connective tissue to promote recovery, loosen tight muscles and break up old structual patterns. In being aware that each individual has differing tolerance levels however, we will always work within your own particular comfort zone i.e. a massage should never be uncomfortable to a point where it is intolerable! We will regularly check with you during your treatment to ensure this is not the case. With time, the process of working deeply can become a painless process. Some individuals from the onset however, feel no discomfort at all.

"Do I need to provide anything for my treatment?"

In short, no. We take either our mobile couch or other appropriate seating equipment for your treatment including all drapes, pillows, bolsters, oils or whatever else will be rquired for the type of treatment you have booked. The only item you may like to have handy is a pair of shorts if you prefer to wear these on top of your underwear (this only applies to treatments involving the lower body i.e. legs & feet, lower back, hips etc.).

"I would like a treatment, but am not sure I have enough room for you to set up a couch. What space do you need?"

Our couches are 6ft x 2ft and we need a bit of room to be able to move around this. In truth, we have never actually attended anywhere where there is not enough room to set up a couch (its amazing what can be done in a small space!) - however, if you are still concerned, we suggest you book a seated form of treatment as an alternative.

"I live in a high rise. Can you still visit me on a mobile basis?"

Due to the weight of our equipment, we can only visit flatted/high rise accommodation up to 1st floor level (unless there is lift access). This does not include seated based massage equipment, which weighs considerably less than a couch. We apologise if this causes an inconvenience, but unfortunately, an over-strained / injured massage therapist will not make for a particularly effective one!

"Do you accept cheque / card payments?"

As we are a mobile service, we can only accept payments in cash or in advance via paypal (please contact us for our paypal address if required). We obviously accept our own gift certificates too!

"Do you charge extra for your travel expenses to and from my home/ work etc?"

No additional travel costs will be charged to appointments attended within Aberdeen City or to locations within a 10 mile radius of Aberdeen City. Where an appointment is beyond 10 miles, we are still happy to visit you up to a radius of 20 miles, however a fee of 45p per mile will be charged for each mile beyond our 10 mile radius.

"I understand you use products such as moroccan argan oil and know these are expensive. Do you charge extra if using more costly oils?"

No. We did consider this due to the expense of such oils; however we feel that if this is the most suitable medium (i.e. massage product) for your needs (or indeed, is just something you would like in respect of your treatment), you should not be penalised for this. Our aim is to provide you with the best service we can and in recognising that massage therapy is a 'luxury' treatment for many, we feel that luxury is what you should receive. Our ethos applies to all the massage mediums that we use, as these are all of high grade, high quality standard. 

"I suffer from a health complaint / have had a recent medical procedure performed. Is it OK for me to receive massage?"

This depends on the nature of your health issue / the procedure performed. Some health complaints make massage a contra-indication (i.e. not safe / advisable to perform), whereas others will benefit from massage. If you have a health complaint or have recently undergone a medical procedure, we advise that you contact us in the first instance as we can normally advise you as to whether massage is contra-indicated on health grounds immediately. In some circumstances, we may request you obtain permission from your G.P. / other health professional involved in your care, that massage is an appropriate treatment for you.

"Do you diagnose illness / injury etc?"

No. This is not a massage therapists role. Your G.P. is the best person to see initially if you are seeking diagnosis for a health complaint.

"I have a sports event coming up and would like to receive massage to prepare me for this. Should I have the massage right before my event?"

We advise that that you do not receive 'thorough massage' any less than 48 hours before a sporting or other significant event (especially if you have not received massage before). Some individuals may suffer what is known as a 'healing reaction / healing process' following massage which may make them feel a bit sore / under the weather. This however is actually a healthy reaction and is the body's way of bringing itself back into a state of balance e.g. by removing the build up of toxins etc. and normally lasts no more than 24 - 48 hours. Although this is a good thing in one way, it is not a reaction that you will want to experience whilst undertaking physical activity or other performance related events.

"I would like someone to be with me during my treatment. Is this possible?"

Yes. We are happy for you to have someone with you during your treatment. We recommend though that this is limited to one person, purely for the fact that a number of people may be distracting for you and detract from the experience of your treatment. We would also respectfully ask that TV's are turned off (another distraction) and that any pets (unless settled!) are temporarily kept in a different room.

"Will you play music during my treatment?"

We cannot carry equipment to play music on as a mobile service; however, we are happy for you to play music whilst your treatment is carried out (indeed, this can often help clients relax).

"Do you sell gift vouchers?"

Yes. As these as so popular, we have a page dedicted to this. Please refer to our 'Gift Vouchers' page on the menu for more information on these.

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